Young team led by industry veterans

100+ years expertise in Mobile, IP and Satellite

Amsterdam, New York, London, Sidney

Global Points of Presence

100% track record

Accredited supplier


Financially solid


In the heart of the Netherlands


Who we are

iVent is a young company established in 2014. Its launching customers simply couldn’t find an answer to address some of their major challenges at that time.

iVent, combining knowledge, insights and building blocks from parts of the satellite, mobile and telecommunications industry, with some original thinking on top, delivered the solution they were looking for.

This was the start of a success story that has not ceased to date.

100% track record

iVent is an accredited supplier to blue chip corporates as well as to SME’s. To date we have never lost a customer.

This shows the diligence with which the company applies processes and procedures in designing, implementing and delivering solutions, whilst at same time still showing the agility and dexterity of a small privately owned company which has proven itself to be absolutely customer centric in its approach.

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Global presence with a HQ in the Netherlands

iVent’s customer base is almost exclusively international.

The company’s headquarters in the Netherlands, Europe, is ideally located to serve both Asia Pacific and the Americas. Always with an overlap of at least half a business day.

In supporting the 24/7 business of our customers globally we currently support infrastructure in Sidney, New York, London and Amsterdam.


To provide you with a feel for our team please find a number of our staff presented below.

Agile & Global