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Technology Partners

Technology Partners

iVent always looks for the best possible technology and partners in designing, building and delivering its solutions to our customers. As such we consider ourselves completely technology and partner agnostic.
At the same time, we have built outstanding experience with some of the leading companies in the industry and we take pride in the fact that these companies also recognize iVent as a company that uses their technology in a way that brings the best out.

equinix partner


Equinix delivers global data infrastructure solutions with over 200 colocation data centres in 25 countries. As a premium longstanding partner iVent easily navigates all of the possibilities Equinix offers and to date has deployed solutions on infrastructure in a number of countries using their datacentres and internet exchanges.

cisco partner


Cisco develops, manufactures and sells networking hardware, software, telecommunications equipment and other high-technology services and products. In many instances we deploy cisco equipment in the network infrastructure it develops and manages for our customers.
Cisco recognizes iVent as a Managed Service Partners delivering profitable managed networking security and collaboration services.

digital realty partner

Digital realty

Digital realty specializes in carrier neutral data centers and provides colocation and peering services. iVent uses their facilities in a number of locations and we at times develop customer solutions jointly.

sandvine partner


Sandvine delivers premium technology for active network policies and control. In many instances technology delivered by Sandvine is used as important building blocks to deliver our -bespoke- network enabled Analytics and other value added
services, around data shaping and management. As a company that delivers significant incremental value on top of their solutions IVent is recognized as a valued partner of Sandvine.

microsoft partner


Microsoft develops, manufactures, licenses, supports, and sells computer software and related services. iVent uses these tools and software to enhance many of the solutions it delivers to its customers.

Network Partners

Network Partners

Interconnecting with mobile, satellite and terrestrial networks enabling managed network interoperability and premium software defined services is iVents core.

As such we manage interconnects with all major players enabling mobile satellite connectivity, such as Inmarsat, Iridum, Viasat and Inmarsat. Next to this iVent has access though its technology using eUICC to a number of mobile network operators.

Some Network partners also have an official development program



Using a LEO constellation of 66 satellites in a in sun synchronous polar orbit Iridium is the leading truly global satellite provider.

iVent is proud to be a Value Added Development partner for Iridium. We are supporting the Iridium channel with both Value Added Services as well as Certus network tooling.


iVent mobile CISCO Partner
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