WHAT we do

Deliver network infrastructure and special network feature

Admin, monitoring and billing tools

Value Added Services

WHAT we do

Deliver network infrastructure and special network feature

Admin, monitoring and billing tools

Value Added Services

WHAT we do

Deliver network infrastructure and special network feature

Admin, monitoring and billing tools

Value Added Services

iVent designs, deploys and manages network centric activities for its customers.  
This can be categorized in the following areas. 

  • Physical networks
  • Network based Value Added Services(VAS) 
  • Over The Top (OTT)applications allowing for better or more economic utilisation of networks 

Our  solutions  are technology agnostic and therefore not limited to any type of technology or network (provider). 

Typically, a platform setup is providing a single-screen provisioning and monitoring tool facilitating real time accounting, billing, data assurance and traffic monitoring for full end-to-end visibility and control. This applies to ALL the possible connected parties, and whether its Fixed, Mobile or Satellite based. 

Our Architecture and design methodology along DevOps is module based, open and development-framework independent. Implementation can be in a -private- cloud or in dedicated local environments. 

For operators

If your organization delivers network services (data connectivity) via resellers that can add material value to the end customer by providing a better quality of service across the link or insights in the actual usage, such as Satellite or Mobile operators.

For system integrators

If you are a reseller sourcing network services from multiple operators and want to deliver a uniform service experience across all the platforms.

Typical verticals are government and defense, maritime, (renewable) energy and aviation.

Tailored Network design and implementation

We deliver:

  • Core IP network design, development, maintenance and support.
  • Full end-to-end build Front- & Backend implementation.
  • Private Mobile Networks. 
  • Satellite network development and internetworking.

Network Administration and Support

We help your company through:

  • Network Analytics and Monitoring software.
  • Single Portal Provisioning software.
  • Software Defined Networking.
  • NextGENQoS and traffic shaping. 
  • WAN/LAN optimization.
  • Network Cyber security and cyber threat management.


Dedicated Application "App" development

We build Value for you and your customers:


  • End to end (mobile) APP design.
  • Full control of your network at your fingertips
  • Android and IoS
  • Full integration with other application through API

Value Added Services

Network enabled Value Added Services

iVent always delivers a tailored solution, however typical buildingblocks can be categorized along the following lines. 

Administrative tooling

Typically any platform developed by iVent is centered around an Admin Tool.

A front-end service provisioning tool for SIM’s, User Terminals (Inmarsat I4/I5, Viasat, Iridium, iDirect, etc ) and Subscriptions.
The  tool will give acces  to

  • “Software defined” routed Value Added Services (rVAS) through dynamic and adaptive policies
  • Traffic steering based on dynamic Software Defined Networking.

The real time and past User traffic views are founds within iVent’s Monitoring and Analytics tools.

iVent administrative tooling


User friendly Network Management Systems (NMS) for network monitoring with an intuitive Graphical User Interface and Dashboard with relevant and configurable performance data.

This will mostly encompass but is not limited to

  • Live visualization for BGP, OSPF, physical and virtual connections.
  • Logging and configuration change management.
  • Email alerting and/or push messages.
  • End to end control for problem solving

iVent Monitoring


Ivent’s proprietary Analytics tools are powerful data collection, storage, analysis and visualisation solutions.  

The intuitive interface will enable the Operator/Reseller/Service Provider/System Intgrator to conduct in-depth data analyses considering personalized profiles and VAS services. 

  • Deep dive analytics tool for all user traffic and network data.
  • Tier-1 Dashboards for monitoring and individual discovery queries to find “the needle in the haystack”.
  • Speed test functionality.

iVent analyticsII iVent analytics


iVent builds powerful solutions that provide full pre- and post-paid billing, dynamic pricing, and bundles support for all billable items in real time. 

They will allow for any party in the Value Chain to rapidly launch new offers, tailored to the specific requirements of their end-user customers and provide one consolidated invoice for all services used. 

Systems allow charging of customers, in real time, based on service usage, supporting amongst others: 

  • Event based charging like SMS, MMS, purchase content like video, games etc 
  • Session based charging for online charging of network/user sessions, e.g. voice calls
  • Account and balance management subscriber’s account balance

For subscribers using DIAMETER or RADIUS protocols, an AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting) server is implemented. 
The usage information can also be provided using API’s or SFTP for CDR uploads.  
iVent will provide the required connections to MNO’s, Carriers etc. needed for your business. 

Tools offer true multi-tenant capabilities, which allow support for an unlimited number of distributors and SP’s, ALL from a single platform! 

Charging modules can be equipped with powerful and extensible APIs that allow it to synergize with other systems, such as existing customer care, billing, reporting and management systems. 

Other tools

There are scores of additonal freatures that can be added to aformentioned Network Tools 

Such as

  • Alerting 
  • Enhanced traffic optimisation
  • Traffic shaping tools
  • Content filtering
  • Country or Region Locks

The latter tools will give the user always a unified seemless experience wherever they are. Access to the internet as if they were at home.  

All of the Tools mentioned are based on proprietary and bespoke Software Defined Networking Solutions 

Therefore they are all real time and can be set by anybody in the valuechain based on predefined authorisation levels.  


Network independent Value Added Services

iVent has developed a number of unique solutions that are network independent. All of these solutions can be custom adapted or combined to service your unique requirements. A non-exhaustive list of possible modules can be found below.

iVent has developed an unique patented solution that allows for mobile connectivity whereever whenever.

A Multi Network SIM solution that will give you;
• the most cost effective solution based on your location
• Low latencies, always
• higher effective data throughput

Making use of eUICC technolgy iVent deploys embedded SIMs (eUICC) as a new secure element. This allows for the, fully GSMA compliant, remote managment of the connectivity using multiple network operators. MySIM can also be used in the traditional “hard” SIM form factor or with eSIM which allows to keep using existing modems and gateways.

Preferred profiles will be loaded on th SIM, over the air (OTA), whereby existing profile’s can be changed or new profiles can be added. Based on usage patterns the Subscription Manager appoints local IMSI’s and suitable profiles will be pushed to the eUICC SIM.

The best profile based on location will be chosen and a network connection established.
Local connectivity is set up and defined by costs, speed, networkquality or a combination of these features depending on the customer requirements

MySimiVent mobile MySim



In more detail our cutting-edge technology allows for several unique features delivering significant benefits, such as:

  • Applying Regional and Local Identities (IMSI’s ) to the SIM in real time, ensures:
    – Lowest cost at each location anywhere in the world.
    – Highest data throughput rates per location.
    – Lowest latency per location as traffic is handled directly by the local operator
    – Automatic APN selection. (no need to access hardware to make APN changes
    – Finding and connecting the right network instantly in mobile environments.
  • Direct access to our Operational Charging System (OCS) for real time control of your SIM’s remotely. The OCS control include; activate, de-activate and data usage control of each SIM at each location.
  • SIM Profile’s can be changed real time via the OCS using the OTA “Over the Air” feature which allows the customer to change SIM identity per location or for specific applications.
  • For service providers it is possible to become a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) for its customers and users. The OCS and SIM’s can be branded in accordance to the service providers wishes.

MyView enables the  high demanding -remote- customer, with the the most efficient IPTV streaming services currently available in the market.

It uses less then 1mbps for full HD video!


Costs of Streaming bandwidth is one of the major obstacles for delivering affordable IPTV or OTT TV services in remote areas or moving assets.

Also, especially on narrow band connections, streaming service can occupy the larger part -or most all- of the available datapipe, thus hampering other applications and requirements.
This applies particularly on wireless or satellite networks and other infrastructure with limited connectivity. Here the traditional IPTV services can consume too much bandwidth and are receptive for (variable) latencies and less stable connections as well. This will severely impact quality of experience by buffering (pausing) and retransmissions of the content.

iVent Mobile understands the end-to-end costs implications for IPTV distribution and the impact latency has on streaming content services. Therefore, we developed a robust patented technology which reduces ther bandwidth requirered and is rather impervious to variable latencies and high RTT (Round Trip Times) at the same time.

Your customers will be able to enjoy high quality TV, movies and live sports roaming on mobile and satellite networks at affordable costs.

Wireless communication is vulnerable to interception and eavesdropping. Any user, transferring personal and confidential information over public networks has to be aware that the data can be monitored and stored by governmental agencies or even malicious and hostile entities. This makes wireless communications unsafe. As a consequence, this can jeopardize your mission, organization or even your personal safety.

Hence iVent Mobile has developed an application to secure all Voice/Messaging and Data traffic.

The application establishes a secured encryption tunnel based on the AES256 encryption. This Advanced Encryption Standard provides the highest possible security and is commonly used by governments to protect classified information.

MyCrypt is an App installed on your smartphone, either Android or iOS. And it works both on Wifi networks as well as on 3G/4G mobile networks, worldwide.

When Mycrypt App-to-App communication is established, all traffic remains END-to-END secure and untraceable.

Routing will take place via a secure tunnel through the iVent Mobile fully secure infrastructure. Alternatively, you can decide to implement your own secure gateway within your own trusted environment. This will allow you to fully safeguard all your communications and monitor data integrity for all your users in house. iVent will provide the gateway hard- and software and can assist you with the installation.

Moreover the Mycrypt App push notifications allows you to message all your users simultaneously or specific users with important announcements like security alerts, schedule updates and instructions.

MyCrypt uses efficient and very high-quality voice codec for clear and natural voice calls. The system has been designed to deal with high latency and jitter such as occurring with satellite connections.

Other unique features are

  • End to end encryption in combination with
  • Low cost international calling rates;
  • Conference calling and file sharing
  • Flexible costs models depending on gateway setup via iVent Mobile or on customers own domain

Low cost Wifi calling with your smart phone, everywhere!

MyPhone is an App you can install on your smartphone. The App allows you to place and receive calls and messages using your normal SIM and smartphone, everywhere on the planet where WiFi is available. Anyone with a regular (mobile) phone can call you, even, when you are outside of GSM-coverage. The caller does not require an App or anything else, he or she just makes a regular call to your mobile number.


Though WiFi calling is common typically this can only take place on specific locations or networks condoned by the home operator.

The unique technology as developed by iVent makes any mobile phone subscriber in reach for outbound and inbound calls and messages.

You can use any IOS or Android smartphone, with no SIM changes required. Neither does your mobile subscription need to change. iVent uses end-to-end SIM authentication with the mobile operators to ensure security and user identification. Fully compliant with the mobile roaming standards.

An efficient and at same time very high- quality voice codec is used for clear and natural voice calls. The system has been designed to deal with high latency and jitter such as satellite connections.

Furthermore, iVent Mobile is connected to all major mobile operators to provide worldwide mobile roaming services at low costs for outbound calls. iVent offers flexible billing options, including per location and / or individual users. Both Pre-paid and Post-paid models are available.

In conclusion MyPhone can be used wherever WiFi internet is available.

Extending GSM networks with associated high costs and regulations is no longer applicable.

Another unique feature is dialing with the phone’s Native Dialer and the usage of your address book, allowing for intuitive use of your device.

Also there are further specialty features such as SMS push notifications that allow you to message to all your users simultaneously or to specific users with important announcements like security alerts, schedule updates or e.g. instructions.

Our toolsets are always custom configured and optimised based on the market-vertical or valuechain.