iVent Mobile takes the protection of personal data very seriously. we are committed to respect and protect all personal data. Therefore, our privacy policy is compliant to both the AVG (Dutch) law (de Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming) and the GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation). Both the AVG and the GDPR is a legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information of individuals within the European Union (EU).

We have adjusted our privacy regulations in line with the AVG.
These are the privacy regulations applicable to the processing of personal data by iVent Mobile BV

What is Personal Data?
Personal data is all information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person.

The main reason that iVent Mobile BV processes personal data is to support its role in inventing and providing network communication services and equipment.

When relations / customers and suppliers contact iVent or enter into a contract with us, iVent requires personal data to be able to be of service to them.

Personal data can be for example the names and contact details of a customer or its representative. It can be an existing or a potential client such as a company or a government organization. However, it can also be information such as IP addresses handed out to customers or a visitor on a website and the duration of the visitor on the website.

iVent collects and stores business contact information from or about you when you interact with us of to fulfill your order and or when you provide services to us.
The personal information we may collect or you choose to provide is as follows:
– Contact information (name, address, e-mail, phone number);
– Business contact information;
– Customer or supplier billing details;
– Credit information about the customer;
– Content you provide, this can be photographs, network drawings, comments etc.);
– On occasion we may supplement the information we collect about you with outside records from third parties in order to provide you with information, services or goods you have requested and to enhance our ability to serve you;
– Information you provide to third party service providers will be subject to the relevant service provider’s privacy policy. iVent mobile is not responsible for how those site owners collect and handle your data.

iVent may receive and/or collect data, including personal data from:
– Anyone authorized to act on a customer’s behalf;
– iVent employees, agents, contractors and suppliers;
– credit reporting bodies;
– other telecommunication and information service providers;
– Public sources.

Safety Measures
Upholding the law of AVG we aim to uphold the processing of personal data at the security level applicable. The level of technique applied is sufficient to prevent unauthorized access to, adjustments and publication of/or loss of personal data.

The services of iVent Mobile BV are in line with the applicable guidelines of relevant standards including the relevant sections of ISO27001.

Different tasks and responsibilities
iVent has different roles in respect of processing personal data.
Each of these roles are named in the AVG, ie the controller and the processor. The controller determines the means and ways to process the personal data. This is also law abiding to the AVG. The processor gets an assignment / acts on behalf of a principal to process the personal data. The processor is also upholding to law-abiding rules only these are lesser rules. This is because the controller is the decision maker of how the data processing takes place.

iVent Mobile provides services for which sometimes personal data is used including the storage of personal data. This can be:

Delivery of services
iVent requires personal data to be able to deliver customers services . This personal data is necessary to execute the agreement and deliver services and to inform our customers. In this case iVent mobile BV is the controller.

iVent’s use of processing personal data
We process personal data of persons whom we get in contact with and to whom we deliver services. We require this personal data to deliver and provide information of our services to (prospect) customers in the correct way.

We process this information to achieve the following goals and to execute our agreements with our customer /relations:

– To establish, develop and preserve its business relationship respectively with you and other individuals with whom we deal;
– The execution of a contract and/or agreement;
– Create, establish and administer your accounts;
– Respond to your enquiries;
– Provide the products or services that we offer or receive the products or services that we request and ensure that all related transactions are supported and implemented;
– Authenticate the identity of customers contacting iVent by telephone, electronic ways or otherwise;
– Allow iVent /our business partners who provide delivery fulfillment services to meet contractual requirements relating to the products and services provided to customers;
– To ask for feedback on our products and services;
– Performing accounting, auditing, billing and reconciliation for which we have a justified cause;
– To conduct market research for product and service development, for management information and to determine strategy, including by recording your visits to our website. In this case you may be contacted by e-mail or telephone for your feedback and comments on our services;
– To be able to manage our communications, product training materials and programs, determining the effectiveness of and optimizing our advertising. Providing information through, including sending a newsletter, user information, service messaging, trouble tickets, network maintenance or any other electronic message;
– To be able to provide pricing/ quotation or an offer of services, either via mail or per telephone call;
– To provide a customer the opportunity to share information on their website;
– For the use of a website, including presenting our technology, to analyze, maintain, optimize and secure, also to prevent abuse and fraud;
– Event registration administration for meetings and other organized events.
– The exchange of personal data between the different company’s active for and on behalf of iVent Mobile BV. This will enable us to combine personal data with other information that is collected solely for the use of our products or services (and or products and services from company’s that act on behalf of iVent Mobile BV. This information enables customer profiling which is used to enhance and improve our products and services for that specific customer needs;
– iVent can therefore offer custom made content to its prospects and customers via e-mail and or approached by sales to provide them more complete information about our service and products.

The following is subject to authorization:
– Sending of a newsletter
– Acceptation of tracking cookies on our website
– Downloading iVent mobile applications on your mobile phone

Disclosure of information:
Except as provided in this policy, or as notified to you at the time we collect your information, iVent will not disclose your personal information to third parties except as follows:
– with companies within our Group;
– iVent’s suppliers such as co-location/internet/fiber/satellite providers, resellers of services of iVent, this to enable iVent to supply service to the customer;
– with third parties service providers that perform services on our behalf. Including without limitation, those that offer, host or operate our operation such as:
. first line support services,
. event services
. IT services
*in all these cases processing agreements are in place to see to it that the third parties, where iVent Mobile is the controller, comply with applicable data protection legislation.
– to enforce our agreement with you;
– to analyse and enhance our communications and strategies (including by identifying when emails sent to you have been received, read and your location);
– Credit reporting bodies;
– iVent’s legal, accounting and financial advisers;
– Conduct web analytics to rack use of our website.
– To the extent; permitted by law, necessary to comply with applicable laws or legal processes (e.g., subpoenas); in connection with a merger, acquisition or liquidation of iVent, in accordance with applicable laws; or to protect the rights or property of iVent. iVent will cooperate with law enforcement authorities.
– If data is disclosed to contractors during commissioned data processing they shall be subject to this policy and if applicable to other additional or relevant alternative data privacy provisions and contractual conditions.

Securing Personal data:
We are committed to protect the information we collect. We have put in place appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the information you provide. We protect your information against accidental, unlawful or unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, access, disclosure or use.

iVent mobile uses encryption and advices her customers to do the same. When encryption keys are used for transportation of data then it can no longer be seen as personal data being processed by all party’s involved. This ensures the safety of data and privacy of all party’s.

Customers of iVent Mobile use our services for their own goals. iVent Mobile is not “always” aware of which or what kind of data is being transported through the networks of its customers. It is possible that personal data is also transported through its customer networks. In this case iVent mobile cannot control which categories of personal data this concerns.

iVent mobile however, has with all her customers and partners agreements in place in which privacy is incorporated according to the privacy law AVG.

Storage of Data
We only store data, which is used to provide our services as long as it is necessary to deliver our services and to be able to serve the customers of iVent Mobile BV.

iVent will use the above information only to the extend required for iVent’s legitimate interests, or where this is necessary to help provide requested services to a relation or customer.

iVent may change this privacy statement from time to time, either because of internal or regulatory changes, or following feedback received. The latest version of the privacy statement is available at:

Contact information:
Should you require any further information about our privacy policy or collection of information then you can e-mail us at
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