Superior understanding of the (end) customer requirements

Pragmatic approach to specs

Realistic timelines

Delivery On time

Unique solutions (4 patents)

Customer satisfaction is important, but quality is leading.

It is all about the customer

Most people at iVent either come from organizations that were end-user facing or were the actual end-user in a governmental, aviation or maritime environment. Therefore, we understand that their utmost satisfaction is the standard that the complete value chain has to live up to.

For us it is therefore pivotal how this standard translates into requirements throughout the complete value-chain when defining the solution.


You need to be able to crawl before you can walk. A solution can only be designed engineered and implemented to the extent that the customer and its customers are ready.

To that end we often apply a staged approach whereby the total implementation may take a number of years allowing for iteration phases and implementation of new requirements based on new insights in an ever-changing world.

Realistic timelines

As a company we are always ambitious and firmly believe in going the extra mile.

However an important element in how we always exceed customer’s expectations is that we work with them to get to the most realistic plan, as we are also depending on existing systems, solutions and input from the people we are working with.

Although companies are our customers it is the people that make it happen.

On time

In spite of careful planning and a pragmatic approach “things happen”.

We are dealing with complex global supply chains with large numbers of moving elements. iVent has the mentality as a company and as a real team to step to the plate and fill the gaps and iron out the glitches.

As a result we have a 100% track record in timely delivery of our projects.

Unique and Original Thinking

We are customer centric and solution focussed. Our broad expertise across different types and layers of networks means that we can apply proven technology from one area in others. However mostly we foster innovative and original thinking in our teams.

This leads to refreshing solutions making use of existing technology with new unique elements solving problems in smarter ways.

Innovative thinking

The patent portfolio we have and are building since our recent conception as company is a living proof of this.

Customer centric original thinking