Meet Martijn Bloemheuvel  

Martijn joined iVent in 2015 straight out of university, where he studied Game and Media Technology, with a specialization in Crowd Simulation and Behavior. Since then, he has worked his way up to Senior Software Engineer. Within iVent he serves as a technical lead, guiding projects from a design to a successful delivery. Next to this, Martijn ensures quality standards and best practices for code are applied throughout iVent. 

Martijn is passionate about the company, stating: “iVent enables its developers to focus on complex challenges and working with the latest technologies. We excel at tackling difficult problems”.

In his spare time Martijn is an avid gamer, a tradition left over from his days working as a commentator and video producer for events around Europe and the US. 

Next to Dutch, Martijn speaks true American English!