Meet Daphne Brouwer

Following a 15-year career in Satellite Communications Daphne joined iVent in 2016. In her career she fulfilled many, mostly commercial roles ranging from sales support manager to marketing and PR manager at large System Integrators like Globecomm.

At iVent Daphne is the operations manager ensuring the company runs smoothly. In her role she manages finances, ensures patents are up to date and she liaises with suppliers and customers.
Daphne loves to be part of a close knit and international team which is servicing large global prestigious customers. Furthermore, Daphne feels “iVent does something different, not many other companies can do, in a specialized market where we thrive.”

Outside of iVent Daphne enjoys the “good life”, wining and dining with friends, music, concerts, travelling and reading.

As a true international Daphne speaks Dutch, English and German.